Cybergia: Arena 2021


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The game is an arena duel. You should score as many points as possible. The game is interesting and challenging. It’s easy to lose in it. However, it gives a lot of fun. It is under construction.

For now, we have written down the ideas and we are designing the interface. The game is more or less planned. Creation of everything will start in about a week. We need to discuss the last ideas. The game will be ready in November.

The next versions of the game should offer more possibilities. But we also have a second draft of a similar game but with a storyline. So it can be different. For now, you have to complete two projects and present the first gameplay of each of them.

The game will be a bit similar to Epic Adeventure, but with more possibilities and much more interesting. The game will be different every time, so you can spend many hours playing it.

More informations and gameplay in November.

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