Our offer

Our leader

Łukasz Grodzki – CEO

Our business offer

We are polish company. We offer business for all. Your works will be added to our website and you will get commision 50% for all sold. Our vision is to help all artists to create:

  • computer games
  • paintings
  • music
  • books

Price for start is 500 euro for music album and 1000 euro for book, paintings and computer games are priced by 50 euro each. You can add works – no limit for paintings and games! Price is for each year. You can add your own description.

Why Magic Video Games?

  • our CEO is experienced in business
  • we offer 50% commission for all works
  • your works will be advertised in internet and at exchange in Lublin (Poland)
  • here you can advertise many types of works at once

Our other business

We offer more at our polish website:

  • website development and SEO – from 1000 euro
  • advertising in internet (Facebook, Google) – from 500 euro

You can buy license for my works. I am artist – musician, writer, painter. I also create computer games. If you want to invest – you can check my works.

This domain is for sale.

You can offer.

My e-mail address: business@magicvideogames.com

Łukasz Grodzki,

Chełm – Poland, 08-04-2020

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